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About Us

Crystobilia. [ /ˈkrɪstəˈbilēə/ ]  n. A leader in the design and fabrication of 3D crystal memorabilia and keepsakes since 2004.

A picture is worth a thousand words - words that help us retell stories and recount life's beautiful moments. Newborns. Birthdays. Newly weds. Retirees. Career achievements. Graduations. Anniversaries. The list goes on and on. However, sometimes, picture frames do not do your beautiful memories the justice they deserve.

We make each of those words count by bringing them to life and laser etching them in 3D within your choice of crystal housing. Our crystals are carefully cut, polished, and rid of flaws to take care that your photos are are given the chance to tell their stories. And our mission is just that: to forever immortalize your memories within our sleek and elegant crystals.

At Crystobilia, your crystals are worth a million words.