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Shipping / Return / Refund


Shipping options?

When you check out, a number of shipping options with individual costs and time frame will be shown. We also display the guaranteed delivery dates for each shipping option, so you can know for sure that your order will arrive when you need it.

How will my order be shipped?

We ship the majority of our orders with DHL, but we cannot guarantee a specific carrier - but we do guarantee it'll get there by the time we say it will. 

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Once you place your order, you will immediately receive an email with your order details. We prioritize orders based on guaranteed delivery date so your crystal arrives on or before the date we promised. Not to worry, your crystal will arrive when we say it will!

Guaranteed delivery? - What's that mean?

Our checkout process lists a delivery date based upon our own image conversion, processing, and engraving time, as well as the time our delivery carriers quote us to get your crystal to your destination. Sometimes, whether it's because of something under our control or not (such as weather-related issues), your order may not arrive in time. We promise to make it right in the event that that occurs. Simply contact us and let us know your order was late, and we'll make it right.

We guarantee the shipping dates of all of our orders when we have all of the information available to us at the time of purchase. In other words, if we have to reach out to you to complete a purchase, we can no longer guarantee the delivery date that was shown at the time of purchase. We'll always give you an opportunity to cancel your order if we have to reach out to you to clarify the order or gather additional information, if the projected delivery date no longer works for you.

My order didn't arrive in time, and now I'm in trouble. What next?

If your order is shipped and not delivered when you expected it, we will discuss options with you to make it work. This may include a discount on a future crystal or a refund on your shipping charges if you paid for upgraded shipping speeds. Each case is different, and some scenarios are outside of our control. Simply contact us and we'll make it right. If we have to write a handwritten apology note for who you were going to give your gift to, we can discuss that, too.

I entered the wrong delivery address! How do I change it?

Mistakes happen, and we understand that. If your order hasn't shipped yet (typically, if you noticed on the same business day you placed your order), we can change it free of charge. However, once your order has been shipped from our facility, we can no longer change the address at no charge, as our carriers (typically UPS) charge us a hefty fee to update the delivery address. Trust us, we hate charging for this - but have no other choice if it's not caught early enough!  Contact us on our form if this happens to you.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Help! My crystal broke!

It's glass! And glass breaks, so do treat your crystal with care. That's also why we use a lot of bubble wrap when we originally ship your crystal. But we empathize with accidents, because we loved making your crystal as much as you loved receiving it. Generally, we offer a big discount on replacement crystals of the same image and text you used with your original order - but we require a tragic photo of your crystal in pieces in order to do this. Reach out to us on our Contact Us page and give us a short description of what happened, and we'll follow up with a request for proof and let you know what we can do to replace your crystal for a discount. Accidents happen, we hope to make them sting a little less.

Defect ?

If there is a manufacturer defect on arrival i.e. damaged crystal or objective flaw:
Send us the photo of the defect within 48 hours of receiving your crystal.  We will confirm the issue and remake your crystal. You will be required to send the original crystal back to us to get a replacement

What if I hate my crystal?

We want you to LOVE your crystal and we'll do what it takes to ensure you are satisfied.  If for any reason you are not happy with the outcome, please let us know the reason and we will try to make it right.  We want to be fair to all our customers on how we handle customer service scenarios when they arise.

If for whatever reason you aren't satisfied, send us the crystal back. We will refund your order less a 20% customization fee. Please, note that we are unable to restock and use the crystal and therefore the customization fee simply covers a partial amount of the raw material and designer fee incurred to make your crystal. We're easy to work with.

I have a shipping or return question that wasn't listed here!

If you've read this far, you probably know that the solution to any question that isn't listed here is to drop us a line on our Contact Us page and we'll reply to your individual situation personally. We'll make sure you'll be talking about us to all your friends - and our goal is to make it good things that you're talking about!

Cancellation / Photo Change Policy

If you want to cancel your order and your cancellation request comes within the first 10 minutes of placing your order, you will get a full 100% refund. If you cancel after 10 minutes, it means our artist has been assigned the project and as such you will receive a refund less $25.  If the crystal has been produced but hasn't shipped out yet and you cancel, you will receive a 50% refund. Finally if you want to change your photo, the cost to re-assign your project with a new image is $25 provided your crystal has not been laser etched yet.